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The Most Motivating Health Docs On Netflix

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We all need a little extra inspiration from time to time. Whether it's our diet, exercise routine, or mental health, there are plenty of areas in our lives where we need to hit the refresh button. And, speaking from experience, there's no better place to start than on your own couch.

It might seem ironic to find your health fix while surfing Netflix, but often we need a few scientific reminders and real-life motivational stories to spark big changes. In fact, anytime I know I need to shift my habits, I begin by finding a documentary to watch with my husband. Every single time we've done this, we've committed to improve our lifestyle choices the very next day. And, while good habits can take time to establish, I know we've made some permanent shifts for good as a result.

Ready to embrace a healthier you? Let's fill up your watch list.