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These Then And Now Photos Show How Much The Royal Family Has Changed

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It's no doubt the British royal family has solidified their place in history not just in the UK, but across the world. Claiming the attention of fans, admirers, and even critics, the public's obsession with the royals has been around for decades. Their fan base spans generations, from Queen Elizabeth's rise to Monarchy, to Princess Diana's inimitable influence, to Meghan Markle's induction into the family — it's safe to say the royals aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Now an integral part of pop culture, us non-royals are continuously fascinated by everything the family is up to, from their relationships to their fashion choices. Though we have a clear image of what they look like now, it can be hard to imagine the royal family in the early days of their youth. I mean, can you even picture the Queen as a little girl? How about Kate Middleton in her university days? (And no, we're not talking about that picture of her in the see-through dress.)

If you want to see how much the royals have changed throughout the years, keep reading for a look at the royal family then and now.