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It's a known fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's May 19 wedding will be a massive and monumental event — not just in the UK — but across the world. It's not every day that a royal wedding occurs, especially one that has garnered so much publicity. While no one would question the extent of what it takes to put on an event of this magnitude, do you really know how all the numbers add up?

Let's take cost, for example., the UK's number one wedding planning app, crunched some numbers to bring us a total cost estimate of $45 million. Wow. We took their cost estimates, along with some other fun number-related facts, to give you an all-inclusive idea of the enormity of this day. We guarantee you'll be surprised to learn what will cost the most. 

Since the royal wedding will be paid for in pounds, we did a simple conversion to give you the price equivalent in US dollars.