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The Saddest Moments In TV History, Ranked

#25: Pam & Michael's Goodbye On The 'Office'
On Michael's last day at the office — right before he moves to Colorado to be with Holly — he says goodbye to everyone in the office, one by one. 

But Pam was gone the whole day from the office, and missed him by minutes after he left for the airport. Just as he walked into the terminal, she ran after him without her shoes, seemingly buying a ticket to get through security to say goodbye to him. Since he had to take his mic off since he was no longer part of the office documentary, we watched them say their goodbyes in silence. 

At the end of it, Pam watches him leave to his gate, and when she faces the camera she says, "No, he's not sad. He's just really excited to go home and see Holly."  

And let the tears flow.