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The Saddest Moments In TV History, Ranked

#29: When We Learn Why There Are No Photos Of Maggie On 'The Simpsons'
When asked why there aren’t any pictures of Maggie around the house, Homer tells the story of Marge's pregnancy. Before they found out there was a third on the way, Homer quit his nuclear plant job to go after his dream job, which was opening a bowling alley.

But after they learned another bundle was on the way — and how much it was going to cost them — he went back to beg Mr. Burns for his old position. As punishment, Burns put up a plaque that read “Don’t forget, you’re here forever” in front of his desk, as a way to remind Homer that he owned him.

At that moment Bart cut in and asked why there weren't any photos of Maggie. And Homer smiled and said that there were, just where he needed them most. And that's when we get to see the plaque in his office, where a collage of Maggie photos were taped over the words, forming a new saying: "Do it for her."