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Hollywood's leading ladies come in many shapes and sizes — including incredibly tall. But it's often hard to really tell how tall your favorite stars are when they're in movies or on the red carpet — those camera angles and high-heels can be very deceiving. So in reality, you might be surprised to know just how tall some of these leading ladies actually are. Well, that is, until Blake Lively and Karlie Kloss stand next to Eva Longoria...

The following list of gals are all 5'10 or over (one of them is 6'3!) and they rule the red carpet, especially while gaining extra inches with fancy footwear. No matter how tall these ladies are, they still rightly love a good stiletto.

From literal royalty to Hollywood royalty, Victoria's Secret angels to singers and athletes, this list will satisfy your curiosity and make for some excellent trivia. Check out the tallest women in Tinseltown, right this way.