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These Before And After Photos Prove Weight Is Just A Number

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At some point along the way, our culture has adopted the belief that your weight is the direct determinant of how healthy you are, or at least how "good" you look. Really, it's no surprise, since everywhere you look there are headlines about how to lose five pounds in a week, or what food hacks will get your numbers down. While we're all about everyone being healthy, we don't think a number on the scale should be your defining factor.

In fact, we dare you to question what you've been told and consider that sometimes you can completely transform your body, while actually gaining weight instead of losing it. Need a little convincing? Here are some amazing before and after photos of women who either gained or maintained the same weight, but still look very different. The movement is called "Screw The Scale," and while everything must be taken with a grain of salt, we think it carries a very strong message. 

Check out these before and after photos that will totally change the way you think about weight.