"I found this picture on the left and decided to recreate the pose to see the progress I've made. The left picture was taken during spring break of my sophomore year of college. I weighed roughly 120 lbs, had minimal muscle because I was extremely inconsistent with exercise and mostly did cardio, and I ate like shit. I was still immature at the time and had few cares in the world other than drinking and partying. Shortly after that spring break, I learned I was pregnant. I completely changed my mindset, starting caring about what I was putting into my body, and made a plan to keep myself healthy for the sake of my daughter and me. I stuck to my goal and started lifting weights and tracking macros shortly after having Isabelle (with medical clearance postpartum). Fast forward to today, 2017. I have been lifting weights and tracking macros for roughly three years now. My body composition is completely different though I weigh eight pounds more now, and caring for my daughter and my family is of utmost importance to me. I am setting a role model for Isabelle to know what well-rounded health means, and that being strong is beautiful too."