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Celebrity Couples Who Are Rarely Seen Together

9. Carey Mulligan And Marcus Mumford
It's easy to forget Carey is married to the lead singer of Mumford & Sons because they are never. seen. together. The royal wedding, fortunately, gave us a glimpse of the cute duo. The pair have been married since 2012 and have had two children since.

Get this, Carey and Marcus were actually childhood friends and pen pals starting at 12 years old. And they still write love letters to this day. In fact, Carey talked to The Telegraph about the dying art form, "I think they’re becoming a lost art form, which is very sad. To have a love letter from someone, to hold it in your hand and know that you can keep it for your whole life… well that’s an amazing thing."

Honestly this story couldn't be more romantic or more "meant to be." Marcus' parents officiated their wedding ceremony which also sounds very special. They now have a boy and a girl, Evelyn Mumfor and Wilfred Mumford. 

She has spoken about motherhood in the past, "What does motherhood change? Well, your whole life – it’s undeniable – it changes everything." Adding, "With a second child, you’re a lot less paranoid, and I definitely felt I was ready for new challenges this time around."