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Celebrity Couples Who Are Rarely Seen Together

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20. Karlie Kloss And Josh Kushner
Yup, Jared Kushner's brother snagged a supermodel long before Trump even took office. The two have been together since 2012 (and married since 2018!) and, despite their White House connections, have vocally opposed the administration's policies. Why don't we see more of this cute (and super tall) couple? Taylor's glamazon bestie always walks the red carpet without her SO.

She's talked about this difficult family dynamic, "It’s been hard, but I choose to focus on the values that I share with my husband, and those are the same liberal values that I was raised with and that have guided me throughout my life... Looking back at my late teens and early twenties, I think I was fearful that I would lose a job or lose my position if I said I didn’t want to do something. But I did not lose out on jobs. If anything, the more I exercised the power of my voice, the more I earned respect from my peers. And I earned more respect for myself. Only now do I have the confidence to stand tall – all 6ft 2in of me – and know the power of my voice.”