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These Celebs Looked Different Before They Were Famous

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Every single day we're flooded with a barrage of glamorous Hollywood photos — from the red carpet to Instagram, designer gowns to skimpy bikinis. Needless to say, it can be a bit demoralizing. It's hard not to compare yourself to these flawless images. But our view of reality has been distorted — and with it, our beauty ideals. Despite what they'd like you to believe, these ladies didn't #wakeuplikethis. In fact, many of the women we put on a pedestal of perfection weren't "born with it."

Our social media feeds are now filled to the brim with fake lashes and fake lips, face-tuning and flattering filters, from both celebrities and social media influencers alike. Unfortunately, these unrealistic looks have become #goals for too many.

But just take a look at these photos of famous actresses and public figures from when they were first photographed in Hollywood and compare them to their more recent shots. You'll see that a lot of money goes into how they look — from makeup artists and stylists to, dare we say, cosmetic procedures. You be the judge. And try to cut yourself some slack if you don't look like Bella Hadid every time you leave the house. Embrace your authentic beauty instead.