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Clean eating is probably one of the best (and healthiest) food trends to hit mainstream culture. Why? Because it isn't centered around restrictions like 'low-carb' or 'fat-free' labels, and you certainly won't see any calorie counting involved. Instead, clean eating is about being mindful of the food you're using to fuel your body, and opting for organic ingredients that are minimally processed or modified. Basically, real pure and honest food. 

Right about now you're probably thinking of a plate piled high with spinach and broccoli, and maybe even a piece of lean chicken or fish — but I highly doubt you're thinking of moist brownies or sweet and salty peanut butter cups. And why not? Remember, clean eating has nothing to do with calories or even fat content. In fact, all of these desserts are made with certified clean ingredients so that you never have to even come close to compromising your sweet tooth in the name of healthy eating. 

Image via Clean Eating Recipes