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These Wicked Cool Pop Culture Witches Will Cast A Spell On You

6. Fiona Goode, 'American Horror Story: Coven'
"Who's the baddest witch in town?" You guessed it: None other than Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange), the reigning Supreme of our favorite season of American Horror Story. I know, I know, this is an unpopular opinion, but Coven was just so empowering, in all its witchy feminist glory.

But back to Fiona: She's glamorous. She's vain, obsessed with the search for eternal youth and immortality. And she's also witty, charismatic, and powerful, which makes sense for a coven comprised of Salem witch descendants, no? Although Fiona had to step down in the end, she certainly had a good run. All hail Fiona.