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Gaylyn Henderson
At 14, Gaylyn was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and had to remove her colon. This doesn't stop her from pursuing any of her passions — one of which is to remove the shame surrounding medical aids and the stigma around disabilities.

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Her words: I am black, I am a woman, and I have a disability. No matter how the world may view me, I choose love. We must look for love in places we may not expect to find it. We must choose to see it when it may not always be in plain sight. We must choose to give it when it is not readily received. I choose love through my health advocacy, I choose love by erasing negative stigmas of living with an ostomy and/or a disability. I find love by empowering those living with an ostomy. Throughout my existence I could have easily given up and chose to give in. I never have and never will. I choose to embrace what makes me different and unique because that's ultimately how I found the greatest love of all. I choose to fight for what is right no matter what or how that may look to others. Despite all that I know to be true, I choose to spread love, I choose to give love, I choose to BE love.