Madison Lawson
Madison has muscular dystrophy, a wicked sense of fashion and an equally wicked sense of humor. Her account is a must-follow for inspiration of every kind.

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Her words: Confession: I get upset at my body, like any other 20 year old woman does from time to time. It’s like Mary Lambert says, “It’s never easy to accept that our bodies are fallible and flawed.” Fitting my body into clothes can be a challenge, when seams don’t twist the way my body does or when most things aren’t made to be flattering in the seated position. I have to stay away from materials that are unforgiving like leather and most jeans. I can hardly ever find shoes in a kid’s size one that are age appropriate and also my style. When they don’t light up or have Dora the Explorer on them, it’s a good day. I’ve been trying to buy creepers in a kid’s 1 for a while and can’t find them anywhere, also i probably shouldn’t google search “kid’s creepers.” It’s almost been 8 years since my spinal fusion surgery and it’s crazy to look at this and realize that’s my spine. It makes all these problems and insecurities I have seem so insignificant and small. I remember how happy these pics once made me, when i knew i didn’t have to worry about my spine compressing on my heart and lungs anymore, and how much straighter it was. I remind myself of all the people who got me through this difficult time in my life and all the people who have gotten me to where i am now. Bolder, more confident, and fiercer than ever before. My incredible friends have redefined beauty for me completely and aren’t afraid to put me in my place when I’m being sad garbage. I love the person I have become because of the things I’ve been through. And as difficult as they were, I’d do it all again to remain who I am now.