Rebekah Taussig
Rebekah is a writer and teacher with a PHD in creative nonfiction and disability studies. She posts what she calls "mini-memoirs" on her Instagram account that share her experience of life through her body.

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Her words: An accessible future is shaped by a fundamental acknowledgment that we all have bodies, that those bodies are endlessly different, and each worthy of profound celebration and respect. Every single one. In this future, no one will be punished, shamed, isolated, excluded, cast to the fringes, told to go around the back or to find another toilet because of that body. This future doesn't only recognize, but honors the fact that our bodies grow and bleed and tire and rebel and tremble and fight and change and scar and defy categorization — that bodies interact with their physical and social environments differently — that everything makes more sense when we listen to our bodies. This future won't appear out of thin air; we have to create it.