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Claire Freeman
A New Zealand PHD student, model, and blogger, Claire is constantly questioning societal norms and sharing her perspective as a woman with a spinal cord injury.

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Her words: My greatest fear after sustaining my spinal cord injury was wondering if anyone would ever find me attractive or love me. This fear came from my belief that society viewed disabled people as asexual. I had grown up with no disabled role-models so once I was injured, I thought my love life would be over. I hated my body and thought why would anyone like me now I was essentially broken? But I was wrong. The discourse I thought to be true was wrong. I found out fairly quickly that it wasn't all about what I looked like, but it was also about my mind, my personality and wit and being real with people... Being disabled doesn't mean we are unlovable or unsexy, in fact, it can be the opposite. I might have been broken, unable to put on weight due to my injury, and full of self-loathing but I slapped on a smile and thought 'to hell with it'. I flirted, went out of my comfort zone and met and dated some incredible people. My fear of being alone was unfounded and based on my misconceptions about disability. I realised it's all about attitude.