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Jillian Mercado
Jillian is in a wheel chair due to her muscular dystrophy and has starred in numerous ad campaigns and landed a modeling contract with IMG Models. Watch out, you'll become obsessed with her Insta account and every glorious message of self love.

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Her words: I don't have an a-ha moment. A speech I heard or something I saw that changed my perceptions overnight. It was a long process of trial and error but after a while (however that while may take) you really just stop caring. You realize how ridiculous and exhausting it is to live in the perceptions of others. You stop comparing yourself to Photoshopped bodies in the magazines or on TV. You stop giving time to that voice in your head that says everyone is staring at you. I don't give that voice a platform anymore. And when I do, I say, if I'm going to stand out might as well really stand out and look awesome doing so.