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If we had to pick a relationship status for us and bras, it would have to be "it's complicated." Bras can be pretty, supportive, and useful, but they can also be a total pain in the butt (or boob). No one understands this complex dynamic more than women, and that's why Jenna Fisher and Jane Kerner, the founders of Harper Wilde, set out to make your relationship with your bra a whole lot more compatible.

Harper Wilde not only wants you to find a bra that actually fits, they want you to enjoy the process, too. They have an at-home try-on program that allows you to sample the bras in the comfort of your own home, and then simply send back any you do not like. Plus, the bras are fairly priced and comfortable — what more could you possibly need?

I think it's safe to say that Jenna and Jane are bra experts, and that's why we were eager to chat with them and score some bra-related tips. From sizing hacks to proper care, Jenna and Jane gave us the all the deets, and also shared more about their awesome brand. 

Here are all the things every bra owner should know. Don't you wish you knew these before?