3 Reasons To Love The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress

It's time you upgraded your mattress.

My husband and I had been sleeping on the same mattress for a few years and let's just say that it became very apparent that he slept on the right side — there was a "Grand Canyon," as we called it, on his side of the bed. Seriously, it was like a ditch had formed. His back started hurting, we weren't sleeping well, and I rolled into said canyon a few times and it was not pleasant. We needed a new mattress badly. 

Enter the Birch Luxe Natural Mattress. Once we upgraded to this high-end mattress, it was like a whole new world. No more Grand Canyon. No more back issues. Good sleep returned. It's pretty shocking how much sleep improves when you're not on a mediocre mattress, actually. 

Here are the three features we love about our new sleep situation: 

1. It's not too firm and not too soft. It's truly "just right." 

The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress has a medium-firm feel that will accommodate all sorts of sleep preferences. My husband sleeps on his back and I'm a side sleeper and we both felt supported and comfortable after the first night with our new mattress. What a change! Most importantly, with the zoned lumbar support and cashmere and wool layers, the Grand Canyon won't be making a return. 

2. It's naturally cooling

Sleeping next to a space heater my husband is great in the winter, but it can be an issue for both of us in the summer when he's running hot and we're both overheating. Luckily the Birch Luxe's layers of cashmere, cotton, and hygroscopic wool greatly help in that department. The mattress is breathable and naturally cooling and it's a welcomed relief for me and our AC. 

3. It's GOTS Certified Organic AND GREENGUARD Gold Certified

We have a toddler now who's favorite morning activity is coming into our bed for a morning snuggle, so it was extra important to us to have a natural mattress with organic components. No icky stuff. And the Birch mattresses check all of those boxes, on a product and company level. It's quite impressive. 

A mattress is a big investment and can make or break your sleep, and it's a huge relief to feel refreshed and ache-free every morning. 

And by the way, Birch is offering 0% APR Financing through financing partner Klarna from Dec. 2 to Jan. 6, 2022. 

We hope you love this mattress too. Just so you know, Livingly may collect a share of sales from links on this page. 

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