How to NOT Have An Actual Meltdown While Watching the GoT Season Finale

Or, how to not be horrifically depressed afterwards. No promises, though.

Thank you, Game of Thrones Season 7, for having us all on the edge of our seats every Sunday night. With only seven episodes, it's clear the show's writers wasted no time in laying out all the stakes this season. To put it succinctly, everything happened way too fast and now we're not ready for it to end. Also, we may or may not have been screaming at our television screens every time Dany took flight on a dragon and her dramatic Khaleesi theme song came on. (You know the one.)

It's been captivating enough that we're simultaneously anticipating with great pleasure and chill-inducing dread — dread colder than the Night King's shriveled blue heart –– the events that will unfold in the finale. And if you're like me, that you're already feeling the onset of a great post-Thrones depression coming on. Keep reading for our tips on how not to have an actual breakdown while watching this Sunday's season finale on HBO.

Trust us when we say it helps to have the support.

How NOT to Have An Actual Meltdown While Watching the GoT Season Finale

This should go without saying, but there are Game of Thrones Season 7 spoilers ahead.

First, let yourself feel all the feels.

And oh, will there be feels.

Also, probably have some wine handy –– and a lot of it. Hey, it seems to help calm even the murderous Mad Queen Cersei. Sort of.

How NOT to Have An Actual Meltdown While Watching the GoT Season Finale

Next, go back to maniacally discussing fan theories to make yourself feel better.

By all means, continue responding to all five of your currently running group texts that are solely devoted to Game of Thrones. Not that you're obsessed, or that alarmingly large portions of your day wellbeing and mental health are tied in with the fate of your favorite characters on the show, or anything.

And yes, I thank my lucky stars every day that I can sit here and wax poetic about GoT at my desk. What would my life even be otherwise?

Post-Thrones depression
Post-Thrones depression  

give your life meaning again by scrolling through #gameofthrones hashtags.

It's time to wade through the seas of hilariously on-point Twitter reactions, because sometimes GIFs and memes speak so much louder than words. (Or something.)

Anyway, social media is your friend right now. Trust. #DemThrones #ThronesYall


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that episode gave me anxiety

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And one that's not so funny. Actually I'm sobbing:

The light at the end of the tunnel? reading The books, of course.

Start reading them, if you haven't already. And we mean, immediately. If anything, the beloved book series by George R.R. Martin will be a welcome (and massive) distraction in the time we'll have to wait for the last season.

What have we got, after all –– a full year? Ten? The entire time it took Daenerys to get her entire battalion of ships and three fully-grown dragons (we miss you, Viserion #StillShook) to her ancestral home of Dragonstone, before the show's writers decided that following a chronological timeline no longer had to be a thing?

And lastly? Realize that at the end of the day, it's just a television show.

No. NO. I refuse to bend the knee accept that as my reality. I'd rather let Arya feed me to Nymeria. Or get roasted by one of Dany's dragons. Or neither of those things, because I don't actually fancy being turned into a human shish kebab a la Sam Tarly's brother Dickon and their dear old dad –– but still.

So while everyone moves on with their lives, the true fans, like you and I? We'll still be here waiting. Waiting for the Night King and his army of White Walkers to somehow make their trudge past the Wall. Waiting for Jaime Lannister to grow a pair. Waiting for Arya and Sansa to kiss, make up, and prove once and for all that Littlefinger can't get between the last remaining Starks.

And, of course, waiting for Dany and Jon to get hitched and become the show's ultimate power couple (still conflicted about this. Still more than a little disgusted. And yes, still shipping them in a major way, just like everyone else on the Internet).

Oh, what you do to us, Game of Thrones.

Watch the GoT season finale preview trailer below, and be sure to tune in when it airs this Sunday on HBO.