3 Amazing Things That Happen When You Get a New Mattress

If you've been sleeping on your old mattress for years, you've got to make a change.

Sleep is important. It keeps you healthy. It keeps you sane. It takes away those dark circles under your eyes better than any concealer ever could. Even though we all know sleep is SO vital, you probably haven't actually thought about the bed you're sleeping on in quite a while — meaning you might have had the same mattress for a decade without even thinking twice about it. I did.

My husband and I have been dating for nine years and he'd had the same mattress over the entire course of our relationship (read: forever). And there was nothing wrong with our bed, it seemed. We both slept well and it wasn't like the mattress was falling apart at the seams or anything. But when we got a new Nectar Sleep mattress, it became crystal clear that we could be sleeping better. It's one of those weird perspective things — like a kinda crappy relationship where you don't realize how bad things were until you move on and find someone way better.

Here are 3 things that significantly improved (besides our quality of sleep, which is a given) with our new Nectar mattress. Hopefully it'll motivate you to also reevaluate your relationship with your mattress:

1. You Don't Roast In Bed

My husband is not a small man. I call him my personal heater and I even used to sleep in shorts and a T-shirt during chilly winter nights because he runs so hot year round. But when we got our new mattress, he didn't wake up in a pool of sweat and neither did I. The Nectar Sleep mattress has a Tencel cooling cover that promotes air circulation and wicks heat. I can now wear my comfy sweatpants to bed and it's glorious.

3 Amazing Things That Happen When You Get a New Mattress

2. You Don't Notice When Someone Gets Out of Bed

With our old mattress, I could feel every time my husband rolled over, got up to let the dog out, you name it. If one of us wasn't sleeping well, there's no way the other could. We no longer have this problem. The new mattress has quilted gel memory foam, adaptive hi core memory foam, and gel memory phone which all work together to give awesome support and contouring to your body without affecting the body (dog or human) next to you.

Not my dog but a very cute dog enjoying his mattress too.
Not my dog but a very cute dog enjoying his mattress too.

3. You Don't Have to Go Through the Hassle of Bed Shopping

To me, the most daunting part about the prospect of buying a new mattress was actually going to the store and awkwardly laying on 38 mattresses before deciding to buy one and have it delivered. It's not my scene. Luckily, the Nectar Sleep mattress actually shows up on your porch in a big, compressed roll. It arrives in a protective carrier and all you have to do to set it up is carefully open the wrapping, unroll it, and let it do its thing for a few hours. It was admittedly super exciting to walk down the hall to check the progress as my mattress expanded slowly but surely the day we set it up. (And, no, it didn't smell at all when we unwrapped it.)

How to assemble a NECTAR mattress.

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