1. Consuming Large Amounts Of Dairy
Drinking milk definitely provides your body with nutrients it needs, but consuming large amounts of dairy products can cause acne related problems for your skin.

“Cow’s milk contains natural hormones that cause an overproduction of oil, leading to clogged pores and acne flare-ups,” says dermatologist and contributor to RealSelfDr. Joel Schlessinger. “Skim milk has even more hormones than regular milk due to the lack of fat, which slightly decreases hormone levels in regular milk.”

To avoid the bothersome pimples and zits, dairy free milk options can be a considerable alternative. But while soy milk tends to contain phytoestrogens, (plant hormones) Dr. Schlessinger recommends drinking almond milk, as it is usually free of acne-causing hormones.

“Try drinking almond milk instead, as it’s usually free of the hormones that are found in regular, skim and soy milk,” says Schlessinger. “You might even see an improvement in your acne after you switch, plus it tastes great!”