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For most of us, when we even have one pimple we spend a seemingly endless amount of time in front of the mirror covering it up and making it as non-existent as possible. We don't want to see it ourselves, let alone share it with the world. But the same is not the case with Kali Kushner — at least not anymore. When facing a daunting battle against aggressive acne that seemed to pop up overnight, Kali made the brave decision to share her experience with the rest of the world via her Instagram account, @myfacestory. Her account has since gone viral and it's no surprise why.

Kali doesn't hold back. Since October 2015 she has shared her skincare journey — from going on Accutane and transitioning off of it, to lifestyle changes and the most insane before and after pictures you may have ever seen — Kali bares it all. We chatted with Kali to learn more about her experiences, why she felt it was worth sharing, and her tips for maintaining her healthy, healing skin.