Then I know you tried the prescription Accutane. How was your experience with that?
"Accutane was great for me at first. I saw it as a blessing. I had been dealing with emotionally and physically debilitating acne for about a year. I was so ready to be done with worrying about my skin and move forward with my life. I took a 60mg dose for six months and my skin cleared completely. It was amazing to wake up every morning and not worry about my skin. What's even better? I didn't feel the need to wear makeup anymore. For 10 months that is. After those first few months it all started spiraling downhill. I was waking up each morning with tiny whiteheads at first, a small cyst here and there, and then BAM! After about a year my cystic acne was back full force with no end in sight. I knew I didn't want to take Accutane again, it wasn't that painful while I was on it — you know the typical stuff (dry eyes, back aches, nose bleeds, hair loss) but it left me with some long term side effects like insomnia, IBS problems, and impaired night vision. I still struggle with those long term effects today and am grateful that I only have a few complications that came from taking it."