Timeless Fashion: Never Go out of Style

There are some looks that fall beyond time. While many a trend will come and go, these looks—usually those simple, subtle and oft-imitated—will continue to demonstrate serious staying power in the decades to come.

Perhaps the most enduring piece is the little black dress, a tried and true wardrobe staple for anyone who has an interest in fashion. While there are a wide variety of cuts, lengths and textures to choose from on the market, it's best to invest in a piece that flatters one's shape, as a good fit never goes out of style. You can easily modernize a great look with the right belt, jewelry, shoes and other accessories.

Timeless Fashion: Never Go out of StyleThe LBD - Defining Celebrity Style

Three words: Little Black Dress. Can't you just see Coco shocking the Victorians in her dark jersey frock? To celebrate the LBD's induction to the Oxford English Dictionary, we've chosen 35 modern stars who embody both the classic and subversive qualities of everyone's favorite dress.

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