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The Most Fearless Female Musicians Right Now

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Compiling a comprehensive list of today's most fearless female artists and musicians is no easy feat. But the truth is that, luckily, we've been blessed with many of them in recent years. After all, women weren’t always so well represented in the music industry in the past — especially when it came to the dance music scene. (Yes, we're talking female DJs.) 

That being said, this list isn't restricted to any one genre. In fact, the female artists on this list run the gamut from electro pop to indie rock and techno and even alternative hip-hop — and in some cases, bending genres in a dizzying display of contemporary art as sound.

And in most cases, these musical selections won't fail to get you shimmying very soon on a dance floor near you. So get to reading, and then dancing! If you're anything like me, you won't be able to resist.