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These days, weddings and Etsy go hand-in-hand, and considering they're two of our favorite things, we could not be happier about it. More and more people are turning to Etsy to give their big day something special and unique, and with well over a million sellers on the site, we're confident that will never be a problem. 

Yet just as with everything else, there are trends that rise and fall on the e-commerce site, and we've got the inside scoop on which are soaring high right now. We chatted with Etsy Trend Expert and host of NBC's Making ItDayna Isom Johnson, who dished the deets on all the awesome wedding trends sweeping the site. And although Dayna shares what's popular right now, she wants to remind readers that your wedding should be all your own. "Regardless of what my thought is, or Anna Wintour's, or anyone else's, this your special day. If you like polka-dots and stripes and stars and rainbows, then this is your day to do that, because as long as you’re smiling and you have your love’s hand in your hand, that’s all that matters."

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