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What's the running theme that unites the following list of outfits? Aside from being looks we totally covet, these are all ideal for that person who knocks back a Bloody Mary on their flight, reclines their seat and falls asleep immediately, then reawakens only when the plane touches down on the runway.

Jet lag? What's that? Merely for mortals, we say — certainly not these globe-trotting style mavens. Yes, we're talking our favorite fashion bloggers, and what they wear to the airport.

No, but really, read ahead if you want to look effortlessly stylish in all stages of travel, like that girl with the perfect blowout and flawless outfit you see strolling through airport security like it's nothing. You know, the one wearing the Instagram-worthy look that makes you think to yourself, "I could so pull that off." 

What are you waiting for, girl? Keep reading — then go on with your bad self, and pull it off en route to your next destination, just like these uber-chic fashion bloggers. Why not?