Urban Decay Is Releasing A 'GOT' Collection And We're Already Obsessed

The collection will hit shelves on April 14 — the same say Season 8 premieres.

As if you weren't already excited enough for the return of Game of Thrones on April 14, makeup company Urban Decay announced they will be releasing an exclusive Game of Thrones collection on the exact same day. *Mind blown* In the most surprising, yet truly fabulous, collab ever, Urban Decay has developed 13 new products in honor of the epic series final season. 

The line consists of 13 products: an eyeshadow palette, highlight palette, four eye pencils, four lipsticks, a lip and cheek stain, and two makeup brushes. According to Urban Decay, "This collection was inspired by our favorite places in Westeros and the strong women of the Seven Kingdoms." 

The eyeshadow palette features a whopping 20 shades divided into House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Stark, and the White Walkers, and the Mother of Dragons highlighter palette has three shimmery hues. Their popular 27/7 Glide-On Pencil will come in four new shades, with names like Winterfell Snow and Lannister Gold. Next, we have four shades of lipstick, each nodding to one of the four "houses" (to be clear, we don't actually consider the white walkers a house), and a lip and cheek stain, appropriately named Dracarys, that's dedicated to none other than the dragon queen herself. Lastly, we have two eyeshadow brushes, one named Jon Snow's Longclaw, and one Arya Stark's Needle — how freakin' cute is that?!

Let's just say, we're already obsessed with this genius line. 

We may not know how the series will end, but thanks to Urban Decay, we do know you're going to look fabulous while you watch it. 

Shop the new line starting April 14 at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy's stores, as well as online at urbandecay.com

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