The Best 'Game Of Thrones' Memes From Episode 3, Because Laughter Is How We Cope

Warning: spoilers ahead!

The Best Game Of Thrones Memes From Episode 3, Because Laughter Is How We Cope

Well, it finally happened — the Battle of Winterfell. While way fewer (vital) people died than we all expected, it was still pretty monumental because um, Arya! (Yas queen.) If there is anything you can say about this episode it's that it sure kept us on the edge of our seats, though I don't think you can say the same from Bran who remained his mysterious, extremely bizarre self. Literally the world was falling apart and he just chilled under a tree, but hey, I guess that's just him. 

The Best Game Of Thrones Memes From Episode 3, Because Laughter Is How We Cope

One bummer of the episode was that it was really dark and difficult to actually see. We get that it was nighttime, and an incredibly dark and stormy night full of terrors, but it would have been nice to not have to adjust our TV screen brightness. Whatever — we'll let this one go.

Other highlights (or lowlights) included both Lyanna Mormont and Sir Friend Zone — I mean Jorah Mormont — dying, but we all expected that much. The biggest takeaways are that Arya is a boss, Bran is a weirdo, lots of people survived, and the Night King did not.

As usual, the internet jumped on the opportunity to crack jokes on everything that went down during the third episode (guys, we're already halfway through the season), so while you're still coming down from an 82 minute-long adrenaline rush, ease into the week with the help of these hilarious memes and reactions.

The anticipation was real

And we thought everyone was going to die

We couldn't really see

But Melisandre saved the day in more ways than one

In fact, Melisandre was more relatable than we all thought

And this, because lol

The battle was pretty rough

And the Dothraki didn't fare too well 

But Arya quite literally saved the day

And Bran was over there like...

And lastly

Bring it on, Cersei — we're alive and ready (at least for now). 

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