The Blatant Irony Of The 'KUWTK' Season 16 Trailer

Is it just me, or....

Today E! and the Kardashian clan dropped the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 16 trailer, and if you thought the show couldn't get any more (melo)dramatic, I believe this trailer proves it most certainly can.

While the minute and a half long video touches on all the usual offenders, its primary focus is Khloe and the Tristian Thompson cheating scandal, because that's πŸ‘ what πŸ‘the πŸ‘people πŸ‘want πŸ‘. 

Here's a quick summary to catch you up:

"It just sucks it has to be so public," Khloe starts, "I'm not just a TV show, like, this is my life." Another clip features Kim stressing about a possible move to Chicago, saying it "might be my breaking point," and another where Kris makes a toast to Jordan and Kylie — which clearly happened way before all that Tristian drama went down. Now back to Khloe, where she's seen screaming "liar" at her phone while her BFF Malika Haqq sits next to her. In another segment Kris says, "We just can't seem to catch a break." Later, Kendall says, "Its difficult, nothing is private. Everyone feels like they have the right to talk about you even though they have absolutely no idea what's going on." And lastly, the video ends with Khloe pleading to the camera for people to be more kind and understanding. *End scene* 

Man, the Kardashian household is clearly not a happy place right now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again — sometimes it must really suck to be famous.  I do not envy the constant cameras, the rumor mills, or the fact that you can't do anything without everyone and their mother having an opinion about it. And yet, I can't help but point out the irony of this KUWTK trailer. 

In Hollywood, claiming the spotlight is nothing new, but I'm pretty sure everyone can agree that no one does it as well, or with as much gusto, as the Kardashian/Jenner family. I mean, to put it bluntly, their careers quite literally rely on them being in front of the camera. This is the 16th season of their reality show that's based solely on their lives, after all. Without their constant earth-shattering drama, they'd probably, eventually, be out of jobs. 

Before I get accused of being insensitive or not understanding that they're real people too, I'd like to say that I absolutely recognize the real-life woes they experience. Being cheated on and having everyone talk about it would be awful. Because yes, they are real people, but they are also real people who have chosen to put their lives on display to the umpteenth degree. 

Would I say they deserve any of this? No, I wouldn't. But do I find it ironic that they're lamenting about their lack of privacy to a camera, that's recording them for the 16th season of a reality show, about their lives, that will be watched by over 1M people? Absolutely. 

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