3 Easy Environment-Friendly Lifestyle Changes We Can All Make

Because every day should be Earth Day!

3 Easy Environment-Friendly Lifestyle Changes We Can All Make
Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

With Earth Day upon us, it's the perfect time to think about what we can all do to change unhealthy everyday habits – and make a positive change for both ourselves and our planet. Maybe it's a big change like deciding to give up pork, or maybe it's something as simple as stepping up your recycling game and reducing your carbon footprint, or coordinating an office field trip for your work to do a beach or park clean-up day.

Maybe you're going to take over the world by saving it. Do you, earthy babe. 

Either way, the good news for the rest of us overly caffeinated busy bees? The process of making healthy, positive lifestyle changes doesn't have to be such a daunting one. In fact, when tackled one step at a time, it's much simpler than you think. Celebrate Earth Day the right way by, first and foremost, emphasizing what's good for both your body and the environment.

1. Take baby steps to implement positive change in your diet and lifestyle.

I recently cut red meat out of my diet, and plan on going completely meatless today in honor of Earth Day. The first step I took in this process might seem excruciatingly obvious, but it was surprisingly crucial in ensuring my ability to implement the change in my diet. That first step was none other than setting the intention – via Twitter, a post to which I received so much positive commentary on how much lighter, cleaner and better I'd feel all around (which I must now admit is 100% the case), that it immediately galvanized me to make the change.

When you focus on supporting yourself, instead of getting stuck on what you might be missing out on, you create an interior environment that is healthy and balanced. Don't get caught up in the thought of "restrictions." Instead, take it one step at a time. I can't think of anything more beneficial to creating and setting new patterns in your everyday life.

Not ready to make a dramatic change? Consider putting down the cheeseburger and replacing it with a healthier option today. Not only will you be saving water (1,850+ gallons are needed to produce a single pound of beef, to be exact – the amount of meat used for a single burger), you will also be doing your bod a favor. Forgo that burger, and step it up for Earth Day by going the plant-based route. Meatless Mondays, anyone?

2. Only use and/or purchase environment-friendly products.

That goes for beauty products, ladies! While we should all be using products that don't test on animals (because horrifying), we should also be saying no to any facial cleansing wash with the words "exfoliating beads" on the package.

With President Obama's Microbeads-Free Waters Act officially going into effect in July of 2017, not only is it time to stop using these damaging products now, but it will soon be illegal for companies to include them in their our favorite beauty products. These little beads might be good for sloughing off dead skin cells, but the truth is that at 300,000+ microbeads per a single tube of facial cleanser, these non-biodegradable particles are going straight down our shower and sink drains and loading up our oceans and the wildlife within them with toxins. No more.

Products that we do like: Try Palmer's Facial Cleansing Oil instead. Or if you're looking for body- and environment-friendly exfoliation? Tree Hut's Dexotifying Mediterranean Salt Scrub works wonders.

3. Lose the 'ees.

3 Easy Environment-Friendly Lifestyle Changes We Can All Make

One of the best and easiest things you can do is simply to spread the word. While bee and butterfly populations are rapidly dying out and nearing risk of extinction at alarming rates (yes, I said it – bees and butterflies are nearing actual extinction), it's pretty clear we are the generation that needs to make the change. Because if that statement doesn't scare you, it should.

'aby step you can take right now to help? Retweet the following (or just open up your Twitter app and tweet the Burt's Bees logo without the letter b), or purchase one of their limited edition lip balms here. For every tweet and/or lip balm purchased, the company will plant 1,000 wildflowers. #BringBackTheBees