Would You Wear Candy-Coated Accessories?

Would You Wear Candy-Coated Accessories?(Courtesy: ImaxTree)We all crave a sugary pick-me-up now and again, but do you love sweets enough to wear them? For Chanel’s recent Fall 2014 presentation, Karl Lagerfeld swapped classic strands of pearls for childhood-favorite candy necklaces in an attempt to make an everyday errand high-fashion (the runway was transformed into a logo-emblazoned grocery aisle).

Would You Wear Candy-Coated Accessories?(Courtesy: Eva Chen/Instagram)There's no denying the cute factor of this sweet trend. Still, we can’t decide if wearing such a necklace would be a novelty or have us fighting the urge to take a bite out of the accessory all day long. 
Would You Wear Candy-Coated Accessories?(Courtesy: Swatch; Caramellissima Watch, $60; Dreamcake Watch, $120; Sweet Explosion Watch, $70)While Chanel might be an overindulgence for our wallets, Swatch offers similarly saccharine accessories at a more affordable price. The watch brand's latest collection, entitled "Pastry Chefs," takes inspiration from a range of delectable desserts. On top of updating the candy necklace into a watch band, the collection boasts bright colors and nostalgic motifs, such as confetti sprinkles, waffle cones, and trendy macarons.

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