Trend to Try: Ear Climbers

Trend to Try: Ear Climbers (Source: Jack Vartanian, Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America) They say three's a trend: Hollywoods starlets Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Kate Mara, and Bryce Dallas Howard have all been spotted with decadent crescent-shaped earrings in recent months, better known as ear climbers, or even ear vines or ear sweepers. The newest "it" piece in the ear adornment category is a chic alternative to its bigger and bolder sister, the ear cuff.

Requiring a single piercing, ear climbers are worn either as an accent piece or in pairs like normal earrings. For those looking to make a huge impact—both on their savings and in terms of style—there's designer Jack Vartanian's 18-karat yellow gold and black rhodium ear climber ($2,100). With a look as bold as this, one ear climber will do.
Trend to Try: Ear Climbers

(Source: Jack Vartanian)On the other end of the spectrum is the minimalist ear vine, such as Jennie Kwon's bar earring. The one-inch yellow gold wing bends upward along the earlobe, and is designed to be worn on just one side ($120 for one at Brookyn-based boutique Catbird). We could picture Kate Mara and her sister Rooney Mara in these on their days off.

Trend to Try: Ear Climbers (Source: Catbird)For those looking to gussy up both ears, there are tons of inexpensive and vintage options. We found the set of ear climbers below (left) on Etsy for a mere $16, and there are countless other vintage options on the site, too, most of which are sold as pairs, including the ones pictured at middle ($32). Both remind us of Bryce Dallas Howard's version, which she wore to a film premiere back in August. If Hollywood's devotion to the sparkly trend says anything, we'll be seeing this look for quite some time.

Trend to Try: Ear Climbers (Sources: Etsy, Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America)