Socks and Sandals are Trending Again

The tourist look is once again high fashion. See how three street style stars rocked the combo and decide if you're onboard.

Would You Try: Socks and Sandals
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Separately, socks and sandals are heroes in our closets. The toe warmers look great peeking out from boots in the winter, and strappy sandals are a must-have when the weather is scorching hot outside. But together, the combo has a bad reputation as being reserved for tacky tourists.

Ever since Burberry sent scrunchy ribbed socks under sleek nude heels down the runway during its Spring 2010 runway show, Hollywood has been warming up to the idea of the pair as a stylish footwear duo. Now, five years later, we'd dare to say this fashion faux pas is back in full-force as we've spotted it on runways and red carpets alike.

Most recently, we noticed the look gliding down the runway during Ralph Lauren's Fall 2015 show during New York Fashion Week. Matched with a turtleneck sweater dress in the same shade, the knee-highs fit seamlessly into the ensemble.

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Blogger and model Hanneli Mustaparta fashioned a pair of Nike athletic socks under open-toe gold heels at a Miu Miu event in New York City last week.

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Kristina Bazan got glitzy with her socks and sandals, picking shiny gold platforms paired with equally glistening socks for the Michael Kors Miranda Eyewear Collection event earlier this month.

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Never afraid to break fashion rules, Tiffany Hsu wore a classic pair of ankle socks under strappy black-and-silver sandals to New York Fashion Week's Spring 2015 shows.

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We understand why these street style stars are all onboard with the unique look. Socks and sandals together are practical: Your feet stay warm, plus you get to extend the life of your favorite summer footwear. But it's tricky to pull off without looking like a shoobie. What do you think of the trend? Sound off below in our poll. 

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