Street Style Trend: Teddy Bear Coats

Street Style Trend: Teddy Bear Coats(Source: ImaxTree)Every now and then, a fashion trend will descend upon its devotees with such humor or wit that it illuminates the scene for one brief moment under the banner fashion is supposed to be fun.

A few seasons ago, one such example was pajama dressing. (Thank you Marc Jacobs for making it socially acceptable to show up to a meeting in printed drawstring pants and a matching silken top.) This season, it’s the teddy bear coat. Nubby, camel, soft, or dyed, the topper has only one prerequisite: that it is worn in all seriousness.

Seeing how much of the country has been in a perpetual deep freeze since New Year's Day, the fact that a giant, terribly warm-looking coat has caught on as a trend comes as welcome news. The coat pairs nicely with knit hats or brimmed fedoras, dresses up or down with equal ease, and has the added bonus of looking absolutely adorable. Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves up in a cloak of teddy bear fluff?

Some of the most fashionable women in the world have taken to the look.
Street Style Trend: Teddy Bear Coats(Source: ImaxTree)Vogue fashion assistant Preetma Singh and casting director Natalie Joos both opted for more conservative, neutral-hued versions of the textured topper.
Street Style Trend: Teddy Bear Coats(Source: ImaxTree)On the other end of the spectrum, these two New York Fashion Week attendees polished off their looks with ultra shaggy styles. And since no one ever specified that the trend had to swear allegiance to chocolate brown, blogger Susie Bubble proves that Elmo deserves just as much of a chance.
Street Style Trend: Teddy Bear Coats(Source: ImaxTree)

Whatever helps you trudge through sub-zero temps with smile.