Would You Wear Fragrance Jewelry?

Would You Try Fragrance Jewelry?(Source: Lisa Hoffman Beauty; Tom Binns Earrings, $200; Tom Binns Cuffs, $300)You've dabbed it, spritzed it, triple-layered it with matching body butter—but chances are you’ve never really worn a fragrance in the truest sense. That's where "fragrance jewelry" comes in: thanks to a hidden stash of solid perfume, the accessories make smelling good as easy as putting on your favorite bauble. 

And unlike the granny-ish styles we've seen in years past, the recent wave of fragrance-friendly options are downright cool. Take, for instance, these gorgeous necklaces ($245–$465) from celeb-fave fragrance house By Kilian. Each style houses a scented ceramic disc in your choice of the designer's 30 decadent blends. (The discs each last up to a year, at which point they can be re-charged with more fragrance).

Would You Try Fragrance Jewelry?(Source: By Killian Locket Necklace, $245)We're also loving cult-fave designer Tom Binns' collection for Lisa Hoffman Beauty. We'd wear the striking studs ($200) and cuffs ($300) even if they weren't packed with your pick of a dozen different fragrance beads ($20), including Tunisian Neroli and Japanese Agarwood.

And if you love Tory Burch's bright, floral signature scent, the designer's pendant necklace ($150) is pretty much a no-brainer. The fretwork locket slides open to reveal a solid perfume disc that will keep you smelling lovely long after your last spritz fades.

Would You Try Fragrance Jewelry?(Source: Tory Burch Solid Perfume Pendant Necklace, $150)So what do you think? Would you give this trend a try?

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