50 Things That Bring Me Joy As I Get Older

What brings you joy?

x things that bring me joy as I get older
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This month I've thought a lot about joy. It's our theme of the month here at Livingly and it really made me reflect on my life and the world around me. Often it's so easy to focus on the negative and everything going wrong, that you forget about everything going right. But I realized, when you do take a moment to remember, you'll usually find the good far outweighs the bad.

When I first considered writing down all the things that bring me joy, I honestly thought I would have trouble coming up with them — boy was I wrong. As I began writing, countless moments came to mind and I started feeling, well, joyful. 

When you stop to think about it, there are so many things, big and small, that bring us happiness in our lives. Making this list put a smile on my face and reminded me just how much in my life I have to be thankful for. It also made me realize all the things I value more as I get older. There will always be moments like swimming in the ocean or sitting outside on a sunny day that will bring me joy, but there are also so many new experiences I've grown to appreciate and love.

Here are 50 things that bring me joy. I encourage you to make your own list — I promise it'll make you feel great, and grateful. 

1. Waking up in the middle of the night to find my cat snuggled up on my bed

2. When I have time to go for a walk at lunch

3. Having my fridge fully stocked with healthy and delicious food (as well as a fully stocked liquor and wine cabinet) 

4. When my prayers to the parking gods actually work

5. Getting new health and wellness products

6. When that expensive thing I've been dying to try is on sale at Whole Foods

7. The health and beauty department at Whole Foods

8. Whole Foods in general

9. When I choose to treat myself to Eggs Benedict or a bagel sandwich (I recently found out I have an egg white intolerance *tear*) 

10. Thinking about my wedding and how awesome it's going to be

11. Having flowers at home

50 Things That Bring Me Joy As I Get Older
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12. Crossing sh*t off my to-do list like a total boss

13. Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee 

14. Playing with random dogs in city parks

15. Having one of those heartfelt conversations with someone that you know touched you both tremendously

16. Waking up after an amazing night realizing you have almost no photos because you were too busy simply being in the moment (though sometimes it is nice to have a picture or two)

17. Making my parents proud

18. Dancing, and the fact that I'm taking classes again

19. Putting the pen to paper when inspiration hits and feeling incredibly fulfilled after

20. Getting in a killer workout

21. Yoga, especially at class when the flow seems to be curated specifically for you

22. Talking about the future with my fiancé

23. Saying all my dreams out loud, no matter how wishful they may seem

24. Making little connections with strangers that restore my faith in the world

25. That very first day it feels like spring on the East Coast and you can taste the excitement in the air

50 Things That Bring Me Joy As I Get Older
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26. Finally living back home in the Bay Area

27. Believing Knowing the universe has my back

28. Whenever I nail my headstand  

29. When I let go of fear and finally take that first step  

30. Watching my favorite teams, especially when they win

31. Good sportsmanship 

32. The geese by my work (except when they poop everywhere)

33. A good, and authentic, carnitas taco

34. When my hair goes into the perfect bun (even though it's never when I want it to)

35. Educating myself and listening to my body rather than just taking someone else's word for it

36. Having my nails on fleek 

50 Things That Bring Me Joy As I Get Older
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37. Kicking off an evening of wining and dining with the perfect dirty martini

38. Gentlemenly behavior

39. Amazing, badass, real women

40. Those mornings when I wake up and just feel awesome

41. Watching the sunset when I know my night is only just beginning

42. When I can first smell the seasons changing in the air

43. Having a free night to catch up on all my reality TV shows

44. Those rare days when I have absolutely nothing to do after work

45. Bottomless mimosas 

46. Having my own private dance party in my car

47. A good murder mystery/true crime/paranormal podcast 

48. Exploring new places and thinking about all the places I still have left to go

49. Laughing until I cry with my hometown friends

50. Reflecting on how much I have to be grateful for #blessed

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