You Don't Need A Supermodel Body To Follow Bella Hadid's Diet And Exercise Routine — Just A Healthy Mindset

Workout routines and diets should be about being healthy — not skinny.

I Ate And Worked Out Like Bella Hadid For A Week, And I'm Still Happy With My Non-Supermodel Body
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Let me preface this by stating I did not enter this experiment with the goal of looking like Bella Hadid — instead I was inspired by the model's strict workout routine and regimented diet. It's a well-known fact most supermodel's stick to dedicated meal and fitness schedules, making sure they are in top shape for their job. I chose to follow Bella's exercise and food plan because — based on what I've read via interviews — the star is focused on nourishing her body in a healthy way to stay fit — not skinny. 

I'll admit that while I consider myself a somewhat healthy person, I like to indulge every once in a while, but who doesn't? And although I do go to the gym and do yoga every week, it's definitely not a daily thing. So, I set out to change up my lifestyle for a work week and emulate Bella Hadid's routine. Keep reading to see what I learned from eating and working out like the supermodel — and if I'd do it again. 

Day 1: 

Breakfast: According to a photo Hadid posted on her Instagram stories, her fridge is stocked with a number of healthy fruits. So I opted for a mix of blueberries and raspberries. 

Lunch: Hadid has said she eats salmon for protein, and since I'm a pescatarian, it only made sense. 

Dinner: Salmon again! 

Workout:  When asked by Vogue Paris about her go-to workout, the model said: "I run non-stop for 20 minutes followed by a boxing session and finally a series of weights targeting the abs and glutes. We keep the routines varied, so the sessions are always fun." While I didn't have access to a boxing gym, I did run on the treadmill for the same amount of time, followed by a quick session with weights. 

Eating And Working Out Like Bella Hadid Taught Me...

Day 2:

Breakfast: Hadid shared that she takes ginger shots for an added boost of energy, and that egg sandwiches on a plain bagel are her go-to morning meals. Which is exactly what I had. 

Lunch:  Pasta. The model is a noted fan of the Italian staple, and I was more than happy to include pasta into my meal plan.

Dinner: Pasta. Because, why not. 

Workout: One of Bella's trainers, Rob Piela, shared with Self one of the strength-training moves he has the model do: 20 reps of squats. Let me just say I felt this a couple days later, but it did make me feel stronger. 

Eating And Working Out Like Bella Hadid Taught Me...

Day 3:

Breakfast: In the model's photo of her fridge, you can spot the Icelandic-style yogurt, Siggi's. I usually don't eat yogurt, but this chocolate flavor was delicious. I also had another staple in Hadid's photo: Stumptown cold brew coffee. I don't drink coffee — but I'd make an exception for this. 

Lunch: More salmon. The model told Harper's Bazaar, "I'll usually have salmon or chicken and veggies [for lunch]." So while I can' eat chicken, salmon [again] it is. 

Dinner: Salmon. Aren't leftovers great? 

Workout: Referring back to Piela's workout routine, I did 12 reps of donkey kicks as well as 12 reps of plié squats. The result? My legs didn't hurt as bad the next day, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel it. 

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Day 4:  

Breakfast: In Hadid's photo, I saw a number of BluePrint juice bottles, so I opted for the Kale It Up flavor. I'll admit it took me a couple sips to warm up to the taste, but I ended up finishing the whole thing. I also had a bagel with one of the model's go-to jams: Bonne Maman's raspberry preserve. 

Lunch: Ahi with rice. OK, Bella never mentioned this dish in her diet, but I figured if she's a fan of salmon, then ahi would be a good substitute. 

Dinner: Ahi, again. 

Workout: Gym. Once again, ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes à la Bella. 

Eating And Working Out Like Bella Hadid Taught Me...

Day 5

Breakfast: I had another BluePrint juice in the flavor Lime Kick. Let's just say it was a lot easier to drink than Kale It Up thanks to the sweet taste. This time, I had the Siggi's yogurt in Blueberry, and it was just as good as the chocolate flavor.

Lunch: Bagel with eggs. Again, a Hadid staple. 

Dinner: Pizza! Bella told WWD about her go-to meal when she feels like indulging, "Right now my diet is pizza, so recently that's all I've been eating." Words to live by, to be honest. 

Workout: Back to Piela's workout regimen, I did 12 reps of the banded squat walks. This was the hardest exercise for me, because of the added band. Squats are no joke. 

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Final Thoughts:

I never thought I'd be eating pasta and pizza when it came to recreating a model's diet, but that only proves Bella Hadid is all about moderation — and letting yourself indulge every now and then. I wasn't used to drinking so many types of juices and coffee, but it was nice to mix it up and start my mornings off with a healthy, filling breakfast. As for the workouts, it's safe to say my legs were in desperate need of a break by the end of the week, but it did feel good to add variety into my routine compared to the usual running I do at the gym. In all honesty, I probably won't keep up with the daily workouts, but that doesn't mean I won't continue to try Bella's exercise circuit. In the end, I'm focused on keeping my body fit, so after the week was over I did feel better about incorporating more workouts into my daily schedule, and I felt good about myself and my body — with or without supermodel abs.

It's important to note that while eating balanced meals and having a fitness routine is something to aspire towards, looking like a supermodel shouldn't be one of those aspirations. Keeping yourself healthy and nourished is the most important thing to keep in mind — as well as letting yourself eat pizza without feeling guilty, of course.