That hostel pillow just looks like the perfect murder weapon...
Take a deep breath, put it into perspective, and book.
We have the same parents...but that's pretty much where the similarities end.
Moms are great, but they're not ALWAYS right.
It's exciting and absolutely terrible all at the same time.
Got writer's block? Sick of brainstorming? Try these creativity boosters.
It's the worst best feeling you'll ever have.
It's time to get the hint, Jack Frost. Get out of here.
Cathedral Shmathedral - I'm going to Starbucks.
Don't dwell on being single — think of a wedding as LinkedIn with champagne.
Spectacles can be a girls best friend.
Kick those black clouds goodbye!
Who says you can't look like a knock out in 10 minutes or less?
Crying and showing emotion doesn't make you crazy, but these things FOR SURE do.