Survive Any Fall Wedding Disaster with Tips from Wedding Expert Kellee Khalil

The founder and CEO tells us how to get through any wedding snafu.

Survive Any Fall Wedding Disaster with Tips from Wedding Expert Kellee Khalil

First of all, weddings are wonderful. Your wedding day will probably be one of the best days of your life (if not THE best), but we're here to tell you right now that — sorry! — it won't be completely flawless. Nothing ever goes exactly according to plan when it comes time to say "I do," but it's fine – most of the time it's completely out of your control and no one's going to remember that your weird uncle got too drunk anyway.

Just ask Kellee Khalil, the founder and CEO of wedding planning resource The site aims to simplify the wedding planning process and make it more fun and through Kellee's personal and professional endeavors, she has seriously seen it all.

Survive Any Fall Wedding Disaster with Tips from Wedding Expert Kellee Khalil
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We asked Kellee how to get through things that could easily go wrong during a Fall/Winter wedding, and here's her expert advice:

Totally wonky weather and unreliable temps.

"While a couple might plan to get married in the fall for the cooler temps the season promises, it’s truly a toss-up on what will happen on that fateful day. It’s important to think through every scenario, from an extreme heatwave to an unexpected autumnal snowstorm, and ask your venue what options are available to you. Will they supply fans or cooling units if there’s a heat wave? Do they have a generator to counteract any power outages? Will they clear the snow around the venue so your guests can make their way inside? All of these questions are important to have an answer to before you sign a contract. Don’t leave anything to chance!"

Florist can’t deliver your fave flowers.

Survive Any Fall Wedding Disaster with Tips from Wedding Expert Kellee Khalil

"With said seasonal shifts, sometimes your choice blooms aren’t a guarantee for the big day. What if your stylish stems become a no-go (could very well happen if your florist is fetching the flowers from an off-the-grid supplier who recently suffered a hurricane or other natural disaster)? This scenario calls for ahead-of-the-game planning with your florist. Spend some time assessing alternatives or, if you’re less concerned, make sure your florist lets you know in advance and in turn let them know what colors and overall looks you’re liking so that they can make switches seamlessly."

A guest (or even family member) gets a little too drunk.

"Listen, while they may be a novelty, seemingly tame signature cocktails like spiced apple margaritas, mulled sangria, cranberry-cinnamon whiskey sours or cider hot toddies can still pack a punch. The last thing you want to do is babysit an intoxicated guest at your own wedding. SO! If you spot a guest stumbling around or getting a little too out of hand, kindly ask someone in your bridal party to alert the bartender to cut them off. Your planner or a venue coordinator can also help escort the guest out or arrange getting them back to their hotel room safely!"

You want those outdoor pics, but the sun doesn't cooperate.

Survive Any Fall Wedding Disaster with Tips from Wedding Expert Kellee Khalil

"When daylight savings time hits, it hits hard (not always top of mind for busy brides- and grooms-to-be). Couples who hope to do outdoor pics in late November/early December need to optimize their photo sessions STAT to ensure the majority of their shot list gets handled successfully. To avoid any early sunsets ruining the autumnal ambiance, I’d suggest restructuring the day and building in more time for those all-important snapshots. If you elect to do a “First Look,” you can scope out a location for your pictures, convene all the important parties (wedding party, family and close friends) and ensure that your wedding still has plenty of pictures with full fall foliage as the backdrop."

An unexpected guest shows up.

Survive Any Fall Wedding Disaster with Tips from Wedding Expert Kellee Khalil

"The fall season is ripe with reasons why an unexpected guest might turn up at the wedding (uninvited). The start of flu season results in a number of babysitter casualties … so maybe one of your guests needs to bring their child in their absence. If you’re marrying around the holidays, there’s always a chance that one or two of your guests have a few haven’t-gone-home-yet guests of their own. In any case, you can’t exactly turn them away on the wedding day, but you can plan ahead. When strategizing your seating arrangements, leave space for a few extra chairs at a table or two. If anyone extra shows up, know that you’ve got room to shuffle around a couple of guests. Also, give your caterer and venue a heads up if you’re sensing there might be surprise party-goers. Ask in advance what can be done to accommodate them and how you’ll be charged. The more you know ahead of time, the better."

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