21 Cute & Simple DIY Decor Ideas For A Budget Wedding

A dream wedding can definitely be achieved on a budget. In fact, here are 21 cute DIY decor ideas that will help save you a ton on your big day.

1. Mason Jar Aisle Decor

Mason jars are clearly having a moment and it's because they're awesome. They make for the perfect aisle decor, just add some flowers and hang 'em on the chairs.

2. String Ball Centerpiece
Why spend tons of money on centerpieces when you can get down and dirty while making your own? It all starts with blowing up a balloon and wrapping several sets of thread or yarn around it. Then spray fabric stiffener on top. Once fully dry, pop the balloon.

3. Flip-flop Basket

Not so much "decor", but definitely a fun idea. As a gal who loves high heels, yet refuses to stay in them longer than two hours, this is something I'd be eternally grateful for. Your girlfriends will also thank you. TRUST me.

Set up the basket in a corner in the reception hall and watch as magic happens.

4. Rustic Flower Bouquet

21 Cute & Simple DIY Decor Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Add some burlap to your impossibly vivid flowers, and just like that you'll have an autumn-perfect bouquet.

5. Ombre Chair Decor

Yes, even your chairs deserve to get pimped out. Grab some ribbon and have an ombre good time putting your crafting skills to work.

6. Flower Chandelier

Well, there goes a new way to use flowers. If nothing else, it will certainly give your guests something to talk about.

7. Pom-Poms

Cute huh? All you need is some tissue paper, floral wire, and ribbons. Hang these anywhere you'd like.

8. Floral Table Runners

Instead of costly linen, string together a table runner filled with flowers. Don't be afraid to opt for cost friendly blossoms as well.

9. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

21 Cute & Simple DIY Decor Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Super simple, yet great to look at.

10. String Wedding Sign

21 Cute & Simple DIY Decor Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Ok, you guys... How adorbs is this?

11. Printable Table Numbers

Need a way to number your tables? Print 'em out in a fancy font, then insert into your frame of choice.

12. Chalkboard Sign

21 Cute & Simple DIY Decor Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Chalkboards are no longer reserved for classrooms and Happy Hour specials. Here they take a romantic twist.

13. Glittered Tea Light Holders

The sparkle will go well beyond your awesome dress with glittered tea light holders. They'll up the posh factor without breaking the bank.

14. Rustic Gift Boxes

Twine, white boxes, and floral boxes have never looked better. Send your guests away with a little something to remember your big day.

15. Candlesticks and Peonies Centerpiece

21 Cute & Simple DIY Decor Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Come on, how precious are these candlestick centerpieces? I mean, really.

16. Hanging Picture Frames

Use hanging vintage frames to add major atmosphere to a backyard wedding.

17. Doily String Lights

Grab some doilies and Christmas lights, combine, and boom! Mood set.

18. Fruit-Filled Centerpieces

A set of dollar store vases gets an instantly fresh upgrade with fruits. These are perfect for the health nut couple and super cost efficient.

19. Hand Lettered Neon Acrylic Cocktail Menu

So stunning. The best part? All you need is some acrylic glass, spray paint, and markers.

20. Lightbulb Placecards

So modern. So cool. So everything.

21. Receipt Paper Streamers

This is just about the best use for receipt paper I can think of. Not to mention it makes for great photos!

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