20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

Answer Martha's 20 questions to kick off your wedding planning the right way.

Have you always dreamed of having a fairytale, Martha Stewart-style wedding? If so, you're in luck! In celebration of the brand's 20th anniversary, famed lifestyle guru Martha Stewart released Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas & Inspiration, a compilation of inspiration and advice in a beautifully curated 272-page guide. 

The wedding guide provides an in-depth, personalized approach to creating your dream event using 20 questions. "The answers offer tons of ideas for wedding elements both big - like, venue and the date - and small - think signature cocktails and favors." So you're engaged, yay! But, now what? Start from the beginning using Martha Stewart Weddings' Let's Play 20 Questions [pages 26-27] below:

1. Where did you meet?

Maybe it marks for a meaningful spot for a ceremony or reception venue?

2. What did you do on your first date?

20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

Play a song you heard or serve a dish you shared - simply include memorable details from the night it all started.

3. Where did you go as kids (summer camps, family trips, studies abroad)?

Perfect for destination wedding inspiration.

4. Where was your first vacation together?

Even if you can't throw a Mexican destination wedding, you can always serve margaritas at your cocktail hour.

5. What time of year do you love most?

If you live for summer, a garden or coastal destination is fitting. If winter is your thing, check out ski chalets and resorts.

6. What colors do you gravitate towards?

20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

Maybe you have a favorite color, or you adore the sky at dusk or the hues of a particular painting - all of this can guide your setting and color palette.

7. Do you love a certain bloom?

It's a good place to start when thinking about your style, color palette and decor.

8. How would you describe your dream date night?

If it involves line-dancing, then look to rustic venues or a barn for the ceremony. If you favor a sunset sail or bike ride, make your grand exit in a canoe or on a tandem bicycle.

9. What poem or song lyric moves you?

20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

Have a close friend read it at your ceremony, dance to it at the reception or include it in the ceremony program or invitations.

20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

10. What's your favorite movie?

Whether it's film noir, a technicolor musical or a Bollywood extravaganza, it can set the mood for your event. Or, just ask the band to learn a few tunes from the soundtrack.

11. What's your go-to watering hole?

If you frequent a luxe lounge or fun pub, incorporate it's house drink into your cocktail hour or host night-before welcome drinks there. Add your own "his" and "her" libations to your celebration - maybe spiked hot chocolate for her and an old-fashioned for him.

12. Do you play a sport or root for a team?

20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

Set up a friendly game of beach volleyball at the welcome party to a casual oceanside event. Use your groom's favorite sports team as inspiration for a grooms cake or invite your team's mascot to make a special appearance.

13. What's your favorite dish?

Surely it deserves a place on your wedding menu, whether it's part of the main event or shrunken down to bite size for cocktail hour - think mini hotdogs or grilled cheese croutons with tomato soup shots.

14. If you could eat at one restaurant, which would you pick?

Fill your wedding with it's attributes - maybe it's a great spot for a rehearsal dinner, or you could ask for the coconut cake recipe for your baker. If the venue serves more casual fare, offer it's signature sliders as a late night munchie.

15. What guilty pleasure do you share?

If it's a food, like gelato or saltwater taffy, it belongs on your dessert bar or in a favor. A massage at a heavenly spa? Gift sessions to your maid of honor and best man - or better yet, make a day of it for your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

16. What are your hobbies and do you collect anything?

20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

Look to your collection of seashells or vintage books to personalize your centerpieces or guest book table.

17. What family heirloom do you cherish?

If you're close to your grandfather, borrow his cufflinks and wire them into your bouquet for your walk down the aisle. Or attach your mom's favorite brooch.

18. What are your nicknames?

Use them as a motif for invites or in a #hashtag, so guests can share photographs of your big day on Facebook and Instagram.

19. Do you have a pet?

20 Questions Essential to Planning a Martha Stewart-Worthy Wedding

If they are well behaved, have them walk you down the aisle, act as ring bearer or pose in photos. If your pet is cute but uncooperative, place their image on printed materials or have it piped onto cookie favors.

20. Do you have a favorite book?

Your shared childhood love of Goodnight Moon might personalize your favors if you wrap star-shaped candy with tags reading, "Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Guests, Goodnight Bride and Goodnight Groom."

Once you have these questions answered you will have plenty of inspiration to dream up all the perfect details of your big day! Be sure to check out Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas and Inspiration for everything you need to know for planning your own Martha Stewart-style fairytale wedding.

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