Wedding Ideas: How to Go Off-Registry and Remain On Point

It's okay to think outside the box.

How to Go Off-Registry and Remain On Point

Weddings are serious business. Or so all the rules surrounding these joyous events would have you believe. RSVP by the stated date, definitely do. Don't wear white to the wedding if you're not getting married, sure, abide by that one. But when it comes to gifts, sticking to the couple's registry doesn't have to be such a hard and fast maxim.

If you feel like getting a little creative with your next wedding present, here are 5 ideas to put you outside the box, but still within the realm of good taste.

A Thoughtful Gift Certificate

Help the newlyweds help themselves by giving them a gift certificate to a restaurant in their home city. Pick a new hot spot, a swanky classic standby, or a restaurant you know has special meaning to them, and treat them to a night out. If you want to delve deeper, specify that they use the gift for their first anniversary.

Honeymoon Activity

In the vein of the restaurant date idea, gift the wedded couple with a fun activity or night out to use during their honeymoon (if you know all the salient honeymoon details, of course). If they're going to Barcelona, buy them a tapas tasting tour. lessons for two. The options are a-plenty, and this gift shows that you really know the couple whose marriage you're helping celebrate.

Even if you don't know all the honeymoon deets, you can still plan a date night for the marrieds. Maybe a dinner out isn't quite for them, so instead, buy them a date night activity in their home town. Ideas include: a cooking class, a painting class, membership to a bowling league...etc, etc. Their city is your oyster!

A Registry Supplement

Of course, you can stick to the traditional and still manage to go off-registry. Why not gift the couple with a household item that they hadn't thought to register for themselves? If you're going to go this route, make sure you know the couple's taste. I strongly recommend checking out the registry to get a sense of the aesthetic they're going for, so that the bright orange cashmere throw you pick out won't clash with the rest of their home or the wine glasses you want to gift them aren't too similar to the ones Aunt Mary already purchased.

Matching Jewelry

How to Go Off-Registry and Remain On Point

You can also go a little more personal on the object train (as opposed to the night out/activity train) and buy the couple some matching jewelry. Don't worry, I'm not talking about those broken heart BFF necklaces you and your bestie wore in third grade. How about items that go together, but don't necessarily match? For a very specific example, say the couple has ties to New Orleans; check out these cufflinks and these earrings, and mix and match as needed for bride/groom, bride/bride, groom/groom combos.

I'm sure these ideas are just the tip of the wedding gift iceberg; I'd love to hear if you have any other suggestions — drop them in the comments below! If not, I'll see you at the next wedding, gifts in tow.