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Unforgettable Celebrity Encounters, Courtesy Of Reddit

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17. Vivica A. Fox
One poster used to be a bartender at a hotel, and they spotted Vivicia A. Fox during one of their shifts. Fox came in with a guy late in the evening after an event, but the bartender was shocked with her attitude.

"He ordered a drink for himself and a house red for her, so I turned to her and asked if she preferred cab or merlot. She gave me the DIRTIEST look like how dare I address her directly, and flounced off to a table without answering. He said 'just give her red, whatever' and left a zero tip. They ordered four rounds, no tip each time," the redditor said.

"They also complained that someone else came in and sat at a table near them and tried to get me to make them move. The other guests didn’t even try to approach her or talk or anything, she was just mad that they dared to sit at a neighboring table." Yikes.