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Unforgettable Celebrity Encounters, Courtesy Of Reddit

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It's always exciting encountering a celebrity out in the wild. Their bigger-than-life persona seems a little more accessible, since you bump into them in normal places like grocery store aisles or outside of restaurants. The encounters can go one of two ways: either your admiration for them grows tenfold because they were so cool, or your image of them changes because they had a star complex and were rude. And there's one great place to get these first-hand accounts: Reddit.

Commenters on Reddit frequently share their celebrity encounter stories, and some of them may surprise you. Granted, you have to take a stranger's word with these accounts, but many of them sound plausible. There are the amazing celebs that created heart-warming moments with their fans, like Bill Murray and Keanu Reeves, and then there are the celebs that were hilariously strange, like Nicolas Cage. And then there are the divas that will make you cringe with their entitlement. If you love to hear how celebs act when out in real life and mixing with us normals, scroll down. Ahead are the most unforgettable celebrity encounters, courtesy of Reddit. Hopefully none of your favorite A-listers did something cringey!