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Unforgettable Celebrity Encounters, Courtesy Of Reddit

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24. Morgan Freeman
One redditor was eating with friends in a restaurant in Beverly Hills when they had a hilarious encounter with Morgan Freeman. The tables at this restaurant were really close together, and there wasn't a lot of room between seats. Someone was seated directly behind the redditor, and the chairs were close enough that the backs could touch.

"The thing was, the person kept trying to push his chair against mine to get more room. I already was pushed in as far as I could go. But he kept trying. Increasingly, I was getting pissed. Rather than turn around and confront this jackass, I pushed my chair against his. However, I was able to move his chair back, since I am a pretty big guy and was running marathons at the time. I had the leg strength to push him right into his table," the redditor shared.

"So after I did that, he gets up and walks out. So I told the people at my table what an asshole that guy was, that he was trying to push my seat into the table. 'Who, Morgan Freeman?' I looked over and saw a very pissed off looking Morgan Freeman leaving the restaurant." Poor Morgan!