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Unforgettable Celebrity Encounters, Courtesy Of Reddit

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25. Elliot Page
One redditor who lives in Los Angeles ran into Elliot Page early one morning in the produce section of Whole Foods, right after the movie Inception came out.

"We’re both meandering around the produce aisles, and at one point we were kind of heading in the same direction. Right then, my wife calls me. I’m wearing some earbuds, so the phone doesn’t ring aloud. I answer the phone and say 'Hi!'. Now she and I are about 3 feet from each other, looking at oranges or something. Thinking I recognized him, Elliot turns around and very demurely waves 'hi' back to me," the redditor shared.

"He was very sweet. Without thinking, I kind of point to my ears and silently mouth the words 'Sorry, I’m on the phone.' He then sheepishly shrugs and mouths 'oh, sorry!' And then we go past each other and that was that. It was a funny encounter but I felt a little bad for him afterwards. Here he had just made this hugely successful feature, thinks he's getting movie star recognition, and it’s just some guy who says 'Oh no, I’m sorry, I’m talking to someone who isn’t you.'"