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Utterly Wicked Witch Ideas for Halloween

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There's just something so deliciously mysterious and entrancing about the word witch. Due primarily to their dark past and a history rife with bloodshed (Salem Witch Trials, anyone?), modern day witchcraft is undoubtedly kept alive by the spirit of Halloween. Not only that, but modern "magick," thanks to the love and respect of today's practicing wiccans, as well as both fashion and home decor trends, couldn't be going stronger.

So maybe you're into unleashing your spooky alter ego on October 31st, or you wear it proudly everyday as a good little witch should. Or maybe you decorate your home as a sacred space full of powerful amulets and symbols.

However you choose to practice your craft, my witchy babes, one thing is for sure. We can't get enough of the alluring (and dare I say magical) vibe. As October and All Hallow's Eve rapidly nears, we all know that something wicked this way comes, and we're more than ready for it.